A Variety of Performers Grace the Stage of TokyoCrazyKawaii!

(Details of performance schedules, etc. will be announced at a later date)

Popular for her good looks and amazing dance skills, the requests keep rolling in for this artist to appear at events. While she is active as a backup dancer for some major idols, she is also regulary chosen to host dance events due to her huge popularity with female fans. She is the busiest dancer of the moment and is also gaining attention for her fujoshi

(geek girl fans of Yaoi comics) and gamer sides.


DJ DIENOJI was born when out-of-work member Otani was introduced to DJing by rockin-on's Shinji Hyogo. Not long after, soon-to-be bandmate Ochi began performing in front of Otani during a DJ set, and the band's current style was born. Ochi snatched victory with lively performances at the Japan Air Guitar Championships and Air Guitar World Championships in 2006, following up with a second successive win at the World Championships in 2007. The duo has performed at well-known music festivals throughout Japan, continuously drawing the largest crowds to their DJ booth.


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*ChocoLate Bomb!! (commonly known as "Chokobo") are a singing and dancing five-member boy band. The group puts on live performances and posts videos on video-sharing sites such as Nico Nico Douga and Youtube. They have been active since February 2014 and with the addition of Leo as a new member in November 2016, fans are looking forward to even greater things from the group in the future.

*ChocoLate Bomb!!


This fresh entertainment duo – who base themselves on a concept of harmony – have performed in front of crowds of 50,000 people in 10 countries. The duo consists of exotic Yana and colorful, cute KIKU. The pair's unique performance style – featuring dual vocals and their original "kimocos" (kimono + cosplay) – is not to be missed!


RAB (Real Akiba Boyz)

The Best Anison Entertainment and Dance groupe of the world !

In their perfomance videos, they have a lots of videos wich have more than  1.000.000 views, and if we add all of them, they have more than 50.000.000 views. They also do official dance video of anime like “Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku”, “Teikyu” or also “Makura danshi” and this Octobre (2015) they finally help for anime's movement in “Anitore EX”.They are an unique dance perfomer unit who have charisma and popularity on internet but also in real life.

This self-styled "idol unit" consisting of 10 all-male members gained their popularity through video-sharing websites. In 2016 the group completed their nationwide tour of all 47 prefectures of Japan, after which they also held countless additional live performances. They are an idol group to keep an eye on for the future, with a second performance at the Nakano Sun Plaza scheduled for January 2017.



This five-member group – previously active as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's original backup dancers – made their major debut in 2013, going viral with the online posting of their music video "CIDER CIDER" prior to their debut. Armed with an arsenal of skilled dance moves and unforgettable, uniquely eccentric visuals, the group is hosting dance workshops both at home and abroad. This is a five-piece group of radical teens with explosive individuality.


This idol group formed after meeting through video-sharing websites, with an aim to hit the mainstream. The group's members handle all the band's activities – such as bookings, video production, choreography, merchandise sales, and musical direction – earning them attention as an idol group that is forging their future and striving to achieve their goals together. The group's dance potential and individualistic songs that are directed by the members themselves are a highlight of their live performances.

Magical Ban☆Bang


We are group of 4 five sets of vocal performer 1DJ.
Fick teacher, Cahky teacher, Ikki teacher, Chi-tan teacher, Poseidon director.
Our motto is【Medical treatment can not be done with our music!】

We treat your broken hearts with our music.We are the group of YABUISHA pop unit called ”Dr.Mi-Ke”.


The group gained popularity with their Niconico video "Our Dance" and now regularly give choreography performances. The lead dancer is Miume, and the other dancers are 217, Mattan, Maris, Lou, Asupara, and Saya, together making a performance group of seven members. Their performances, which combine singing, dancing, and acting, are a must-see!


CEO of Abstreem DJ/DANCER/PERFORMER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCERDJ KEITAN, he is one of the best Akiba performers in Japan,  He is a member of the RAB (Real Akiba Boys), true Japanese showbiz stars, and of the PCF, who are very popular in Youtube and Nico Nico.

A popular Japanese idol event is coming to Bangkok!
More than 10 idol groups are going to perform at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii stage!

(Details of performance schedules, etc. will be announced at a later date)

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